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This page provides you with links to The Code of Conduct and Client Care Rules Code of Conduct and sets out the standard of professional conduct and client care required of agents, branch managers and salespersons. This page contains brief overviews of key pieces of legislation that impose obligations on you as a licensee or are more broadly relevant to real estate agency work.

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老百姓换外汇不得用于境外投资 热议丨外汇管制新规真相,对我们有何影响?

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外汇交易模型 干货满满:从量化的角度做外汇交易-财经频道-手机搜狐

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外汇对敲 地下钱庄套路层出不穷,月外汇局联手警方严打起底 - 21经济网

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外汇业务 国家外汇管理局陕西省分局开辟外汇业务“绿色通道”_陕西省人民政府

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涮外汇平台 佣金涮超过账户本金开始不给钱,然后找理由封代理账号,还限制交易账户-拓利_TRI-外汇天眼全球曝光-外汇天眼

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